Laki Power is developing the World's most convenient, secure,
and cost-effective tools to monitor and enhance critical infrastructure.


Power On-line Generator (POLG)

The Power On-line Generator (POLG) is a unique product in the high voltage line monitoring market. It is the only energy harvester that attains enough electricity to power several external devices and has a built-in accessory compartment, as a part of its weather-sealed enclosure, to securely store sensor devices, such as inclinometer, heat sensor, and cameras. 

The POLG product easily clamps onto any alternating current (AC) carrying phase wires of high voltage power lines and harvests this energy from the surrounding electromagnetic field. The power harvested is sufficient to provide direct current (DC) power for running external and internal surveillance and monitoring devices and many other applications needing clean and stable DC power. 


About Laki Power

Laki Power is an Icelandic research and development company focused on eco-friendly power solutions. The company was established in 2015 around the development of its main product, the Power On-line Generator (POLG). The main shareholders of Laki Power are Rásmark ehf., a developer and manufacturer of electronic devices, Mannvit hf., a consultancy in the fields of engineering and technical services, and Startup Energy Reykjavik, a seed stage investment program with focus on energy related projects.


Sigurjón Magnússon
Managing Director

Sigurjón is the Managing Director of Laki Power. He is experienced in business development, strategy and investments. Sigurjón has served on the board of directors of several startup companies and was the chairman of the board of Laki Power from establishment till March 2019.

Óskar H. Valtýsson
Chief Technical Officer

Óskar is the CTO of Laki Power and the entrepreneur behind the Company. He has worked in the telecommunication and power transmission fields for decades and has extensive experience in hardware and software development.


Meet Laki Power at IWAIS 2019

May 3, 2019; Laki Power will attend IWAIS 2019 – the 18th International Workshop on Atmospheric Icing of Structures – which will be held in Reykjavik, Iceland on June 23 – 28, 2019. The primary mission of IWAIS is to bring together leading researchers and industry representatives to facilitate exchange and interaction in view of finding practical and economical solutions to the disruptive effects of atmospheric icing in high voltage infrastructure. More information on IWAIS 2019 can be found here.

First prototype installed at Landsnet's high voltage line

December 20, 2018; Laki Power, together with its partner the Icelandic TSO Landsnet, installed its first prototype on Landsnet’s Brennimelslína in the vicinity of Reykjavik, Iceland. The prototype is made from aluminium and is equipped with on-board tilt sensor, heat sensor, salinity sensor, 360° high resolution camera, and a GSM modem. 

A system software allows for continuous monitoring and database storage of measured parameters as well as access to the live camera feed. A second prototype will be installed on Landsnet’s line in the coming months.

Laki Power at Iberdrola SME Instrument Day

May 11, 2018; Laki Power was one of 14 innovative European companies working in solutions for the energy sector selected to pitch and network with top Iberdrola representatives. Iberdrola is the largest energy group in Spain and one of the five largest power utilities companies in the world.

When asked about the SME innovators selected for the event, Diego Diaz, Head of New Ventures at Iberdrola, explained that “We are very happy with the outcome of the event and to work with the SME Instrument team. For Iberdrola, working with SMEs is a central part of our innovation model. We are trying to capture the innovation coming from these companies and channel it towards the business of Iberdrola. This allows us to generate new core business opportunities for the company and gives us access to the best technology and best upcoming companies working on energy solutions.”

The networking and pitching event took place in Bilbao on the 9th of May. It was promoted by the SME Instrument Business Acceleration Services, Iberdrola and its venture capital arm Perseo. Business acceleration services under the SME Instrument are creating opportunities for strong collaboration between innovative European SMEs and large corporates to help them scale-up their business.


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